Selected Projects

Moths drink the tears of sleeping birds, Zaratan + The Icing Room, Lisbon, Portugal

Capítulo I, group exhibition, Auditorio Municipal Augusto Cabrita and PADA Studios, Barreiro, Portugal

Partes da Terra / Ground Parts, solo exhibition, PADA Studios, Barreiro, Portugal, 2019

ADAO Open Day 9.0, group exhibition, ADAO, Barreiro, Portugal, 2018

Traces, residency and solo exhibition, Spit and Sawdust, Cardiff, Wales, 2018

Singing in the Round - Vocal Research Group Cardiff, Wales, 2017

Spitting Feathers, site-specific installation, Spit and Sawdust, Cardiff, Wales, 2017

Eulogy : Lume Projects, exhibited work, Vane, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, 2014

Tea-Total, exhibited work, Quilliam Brothers, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, 2013

Off Quay, co-curated and exhibited work, Off Quay Studio, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England 2013

After the Dust Settled, co-curated and exhibited work, Hoults Yard, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England 2012

One Thing After Another, co-curated, Hoults Yard, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England 2012

Professional Experience

2015 - 2018

Film and Photographic Archivist

BBC Wales, Cardiff, Wales


2008 - 2010  

BA (Hons) Contemporary Photographic Practice 

Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne 

2005 - 2006

BTEC Diploma - Foundation Studies in Art and Design  

Newcastle College, Newcastle Upon Tyne